Rice Mix & Pickles

Brinjal Thokku

Fresh brinjal or egg plant mixed with spices and oil to give a paste that can be mixed with rice or hand with rotis, idlis and dosas.

Kollu Thokku

A relishing mix of spices and horse gram to give a smooth accompaniment to rice, idlis, dosas, pooris and chapathis.

Pavakkai Thokku

A must have bitter gourd relish with rice or idlis and dosas that is good for health and for your taste buds. Makes your breakfast, lunch or dinner come alive with traditional goodness.

Tomato Thokku

A popular accompaniment that beats any pickle any day with its fresh taste of tomatoes and the hotness of spices to make your meals a feast indeed.

Venthaya Keerai Thokku

The fenugreek and greens mix that spices up every meal from breakfast to dinner and leaves the memories of a tasteful time forever.

Pudhina Thokku

The herbal delicacy from mint leaves and spices to take you on a journey of taste anytime and anyday.

Manathakkali Thokku

A unique and traditional faovurite that has wellness and health added to give taste a new meaning.

Vazha Thandu Thokku

A exotic preparation from vazhai thandu or banana stem with its fibre rich quality and impressive taste.

Lemon Rice Mix

The most popular rice mix in south India brought to you in its lemony freshness and tang to keep company for every meal.

Nellikai Pickle

The gooseberry rice mix that goes to make your meals healthy and heavenly with the sour-sweet notes and spicy goodness.

Mor Kuzhambu Mix

Another South Indian all time favourite curry made out of buttermilk and fresh vegetables that enriches the meals and makes it so tasty.